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I reported the corruption in Western Kentucky to the F.B.I. website not long after I flew out of the United States nearly two years ago. Perhaps, since I was in a foreign country maybe their site blocked my report. I don't know. On August 9, 2018, I called the F.B.I. and reported the corruption again that has caused me to leave my home, my tools, lose my Master Electrician License... over the last twenty four months. When I get time later I'll
$10,000, Some Change, And a Puppy – Victim of False Arrest & Assault – Offers “Official Misconduct” Wager Prior to separating a citizen from their family, their business, the job site they are working on, prior to removing someone from their job... and throwing them in jail Surely, an officer would have to have a ponderance of evidence against that person. James Samples is offering $10,000, some change, and a puppy if the Paducah Po
If government misconduct and the welfare of children is something is something you would like to know more about, and you arrived at this site during its early construction phase; be sure to check back. James Samples is a Master Electrician and an International Dealer/Installer of Espionage equipment. James started exposing a little bit of corruption in one of the most dishonest corrupt counties in the country. The officials came out in multitu