Watch what happens when the “seal” gets broken and the Truth leaks out!

The record didn't stay sealed and now I'm going to drag your so-called "Family Court System" out into daylight!  - Kadence & Christopher's Dad

James Samples' ex-wife's poor excuse for a paramour is a meth-head informant allowed to run "Dirty" in fact that was his street name in meth circuits. James' children were abused and neglected and when James asked for help he was denied and was countlessly hit with false arrest and denied due process...

The record is unsealed. The damage caused by the so-called Family Court is revealed

The McCracken County Court System has now attacked the wrong Dad and the wrong Children!

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The Dad wasn't allowed to testify or present evidence

The Granddad wasn't allowed to testify

On the other pages of this website, you can see some of the things that the court and local officials are trying to hide. Try to imagine if these were your children. How would you react?

Video Below:
Hon. Deanna Henschel said she wants someone to let her know if pieces of this hearing were to show up on the internet... to let her know. I made it easy for her to find ( Still yet, perhaps you should call her, to make sure she's aware of it.
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